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Our crime scene cleaners and death clean up experts are available 24 hours, every day of a week, ready to assist people with nationwide offices. Our death cleanup network allows us to be on the scene in under 1 hour in most cases, we understands people’s emotions in these situation and do all cleaning with expert and certified as well as licensed and trained professionals. The death cleanup might involve dealing with bio hazardous material as well such as blood and bodily fluids. Our trained professional cleaners will sanitize all aspects of the room and return it to you in a safe condition adhering to all EPA and OSHA rules for death cleanup related work. The sanitizing of a property is important after the death cleanup in order to make sure that all possible viruses, diseases, and superbugs such as MRSA are all destroyed. By working with our cleaners you are ensured the highest degree of efficiency in death cleanup.

We understand that at the time of a death you need time for yourself to cope with the loss. We work hard to make one aspect a bit easier by clearing the scene and removing all remains left in the aftermath of the death.

As a leader in the death cleanup business we are proud to present you with our crime scene clean up business.  Our network of highly trained professionals is one of the only networks that spans the entire United States.  We provide our techs with hands on training and with our network designed the way we did we are able to respond in almost any community within 1 hour or less.  In the death cleanup business you will realize with a small amount of investigation that not too many companies can do this.  We also make sure all of our techs are properly supervised, this quality assurance is rarely found in the crime scene clean up business which in many other cases are 1 man operations that don’t have the added security of having someone scrutinize their work that understand the industry.  We take these issues to heart and we understand that whether you are contacting us due to a suicide, homicide, unattended death, decomposed body, murder, or a biohazard from a death; you are wanting the job done right and right now. We complete all our death clean up work on time and do it right the first time to allow you the peace of mind in our work that you deserve.

The death cleanup being suicide, murder, or death of natural causes creates an unsafe environment for other humans.  It is our job to come into this death scene and bring it back to a condition that is safe for all people again.  If you are experiencing a death cleanup then please contact us on our emergency hot line at 1-888-477-0015.

We are dedicated to making sure your job is done right.  We will also assist in dealing with your insurance matter and anything law enforcement or anyone else may need pertaining to the death cleanup. Please do not hesitate to ask we are always ready to help.


Unattended Death Cleanup | Unattended death clean up

Nuclear families, people living alone, even sometimes death at a remote corner, an unattended death cleanup leads to a variety of complications. Many aspects must be taken into accournt to provide quality unattended death clean up services and to ensure that all bio hazard contaminants are removed and the home is brought back to its original safe and sanitized condition. To do unattended death clean up a company must meet or exceep certain OSHA standards and EPA rules and laws as well and other laws in your state that regualate unattended death cleanup and the dealing with of blood and bodily fluids that can cause the spread of disease and bacteria to the living. Unattended death clean up requires the cleaning of body fluids, blood, and the decontamination of the dead body. At times not just the body, but the surrounding area also needs a thorough clean up service as the dead body might affect the surroundings. Special equipment is brought into the death clean up area to determine what the effected areas of the room are and where service is required.

At Accelerated Bioscene Crime Scene Cleanup, we have a team of trained and experience professionals cleaners who can handle the situation effectively. Our technicians are OSHA (occupational safety health administration) bloodborne-pathogen certified, bonded and insured and know how to effectively and efficiently handle unattended death clean up needs as a specialty of our company.

You can contact for help with a unattended death clean up by calling or mailing us the details. Two hours is the maximum time we shall take to reach you, though in reality the time required is lesser than that. Wherever you are, we are at your doorstep taking care of you with our nationwide network of cleaners that are set up throughout hte country. Our hazmat cleaners have experience with death cleanup and have been involved in minor situations to extreme jobs. We understand your grief and trauma from the deaht of a loved one, and will be by your side at your time of need.


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