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Trauma Cleanup

Accelerated BioScene Cleanup specializes in all types of bioscene cleanup including trauma scene cleanup. Trauma scene cleanup is any type of cleanup involving an accident, crime, or suicide where one or more persons has passed away or been seriously injured.

Trauma cleanup often involves decontamination, clean-up, removal and lawful disposal of the medical waste contaminants and ‘OPIM'( Other Potentially Infectious Materials). The potentially waste materials to be cleaned consists of:

  • Human body fluids, e.g.- cerebrospinal fluids, pleural fluid, body fluid contaminated with blood.
  • Any unfixed tissue an organ
  • Organs or cell residue containing infectious organism

In addition, there is often a significant amount of blood and other bodily fluids which leads to the possibility of blood borne pathogens and the presence of other organisms which may be hazardous to people. When dealing with a trauma that may involve such hazardous wastes: i.e. homicide, suicide or unattended death, you should work with cleaners who have experience with the removal and disposal of such waste and who possess the proper certification and licensing required by your state.

Aside from the safety issue there is the grossness factor. While this may sound irrational to some, a lot of people are discomforted by the sight of blood. Take a trauma scene where there is lots of blood, other fluids then add in the smell and there are a lot of people who can’t handle it. It takes a person with a strong stomach to handle that.

Even if you have a strong stomach, if you are emotionally attached to situation as is the case with families who are often the ones responsible for taking care of the cleaning, it makes it an even more difficult job. We understand that in the case of a violent death or accident, the situation can be both tragic and harder than you might imagine on the victim’s friends and family. You want to deal with people who are emotionally sound, to deal with the victim’s grieving family as well as technically equipped to handle the situation.

That is why utilizing a company that specializes in trauma scene cleanup is often the best solution. They have technicians who deal with these types of cleanup everyday. They are experienced at dealing with blood and bodily fluid cleanup in a way that is safe for the cleaner and leaves the scene safe for people. They know what these fluids will soak into, what items can be cleaned and how to do it to preserve you household items, and what is salvageable. They will dispose of everything that needs to be disposed of and leave you remove all evidence of the trauma. In addition their technicians have strong stomachs, there is nothing they haven’t seen and dealt with before. They understand that you and your family have had a traumatic experience and want your privacy to deal with it. They will be respectful and discreet, so that your tragedy won’t become a spectacle.

In addition, the representatives at Accelerated BioScene Cleanup are often able to help you with the insurance companies, assisting you in dealing with the paperwork and claims involved with your home owners insurance, thereby reducing your burden further. Let us help you with your trauma scene cleanup so that you can focus on your family and dealing with the more important aspects of this tragedy. Our team is comprised of certified, highly trained and experienced personnel who are available round the clock to assist you at your time of need.


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