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Homicide (Murder) and Other Violent Crimes Cleanup

A violent death of a loved one is extremely traumatic for a family. In addition to the loss and grief, the family must deal with the media, the police, making funeral arrangements, contacting other family members and dealing with life insurance and other financial issues. This can be emotionally overwhelming.

On top of that there is the cleaning that will be required after the police leave. In the case of a violent death, there are bodily fluids to deal with, each tiny drop carrying germs, bacteria and, possibly, infectious diseases. Not only would cleaning this be an additional emotional burden for the family but if can be dangerous for those who are not trained to deal with this type of material. Accelerated BioScene Cleanup can at least help with this one burden; the burden of dealing with the gruesome physical aftermath of blood and body fluids.

Self Inflicted Death or Attempts (Suicide) Cleanup

As emotionally trying as a violent death can be to a family, a suicide is even more so, because it is so hard to understand. This additional tragedy can be even more overwhelming to the family. Being forced to clean up body fluids and other biological debris can leave emotional scars on the family that can take years to heal. Accelerated BioScene Cleanup can reduce the trauma experienced by the family but coming in and quickly, sympathetically and efficiently cleaning up this grisly scene. The use of our services allows the family to move on a deal with the other trying issues involved in dealing with the death of a loved one.

Unattended Death Cleanup

The cleanup for an unattended death can be even more difficult than a violent death or suicide. In this case the body is often not found immediately, but only after a number of days or even weeks. A body that has been deceased for days, weeks or months has gone through some changes. In decomposition, the body swells, insects move in, the organs digest themselves and the skin liquifies. It’s not pretty, but most people will tell you that the sight of a decomposing body can’t compare to the smell. Most people are brought to their knees by that smell, which is partly a result of ammonia gas released during decomposition. The coroner removes the body before the clean-up starts, but usually leaves behind lots of liquefied body matter and odors as well as maggots that are carrying the person’s blood. In addition to cleaning up the mess, cleaners sometimes have to track down and kill (by burning) any maggots that scurry out of the body and try to hide, because they’re carrying germs and might be carrying viruses.

This is where Accelerated BioScene Cleanup comes in. The are familiar with the sights and smells and have experience dealing with this type of cleanup and can make sure that it is done right.

Automobile/Vehicle Blood Cleanup

We find that violent activities such as shootings, self inflicted wounds and stabbings often occur inside cars and trucks. Getting the vehicle in question back to a usable state can be extremely difficult with rugs and cushions soaking up fluids, and many small hard to reach places. Let cleaners who have experience with this sort of thing get your vehicle back in working order.

Accidents and Injuries Cleanup

Just because someone survived an injury or accident does not mean that the aftermath is any less difficult to clean. In the case of major injury, blood and possibly other body fluid needs to be cleaned with all the possible attendant bloodborne pathogens. Even though no death occurred, professionals are better suited to clean up this scene.

Hoarding / Distressed Properties / Filth Cleanup

Gross filth typically involves a building or residence that a reasonable person would find uninhabitable due to a combination of fecal matter, bodily fluids, excessive trash, expired food, odor, boxed items, mold, mildew, etc. In addition to the unsanitary nature of this situation, this combination of material can be a fire and/or health hazard. The task of cleaning an area of gross filth can be challenging and often impossible for an individual untrained in decontamination and odor removal. Professionals will use appropriate personal protective clothing and respiratory protection during these cleanups to avoid exposure to such hazards as bacteria, Hanta virus, histoplasmosis, staph viruses including MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) and E. coli just to name a few. Accelerated BioScene Cleanup can aid in not only performing the disposal of the materials deemed not salvageable, but will also sanitize, clean and deodorize to help protect the property value.

Tear Gas Remediation

Sometimes law enforcement is forced to use irritants and chemicals to ‘persuade’ individuals out of a situation. These chemicals seep into walls and other surfaces. As a nonviolent means of extraction, tear gas is ideal. Its chemical makeup makes it impossible for anyone to resist it without a masking device. However, it lingers long after the perpetrator is forced out of the building. The removal of all traces of these chemicals requires professionals who are trained in this type of cleanup. Let Accelerated BioScene Cleanup remove all traces of tear gas and restore the scene to its original state.

Meth Lab Cleanup

Typically, after a lab is discovered by law enforcement, the bulk of any lab-related debris, such as chemicals and containers, is removed. However, it is possible a small amount of contamination is left on surfaces and in absorbent materials (carpets, furniture), sinks, drains and ventilation systems. Though found in small amounts, meth lab contaminants may pose health threats to persons exposed to them.

These contaminants can cause problems including respiratory (breathing) problems, skin and eye irritation, headaches, nausea and dizziness. It is highly recommended that professionals be used to remediate this type of environment.

Mold Cleanup

Mold can occur in any home. In some cases it is due to neglect in others, it is simply a situation where the mold occurs with in the walls of a structure due to a confluence of events such as high humidity and warm temperatures. In either case if the mold is sufficiently invasive, it can lead to health problems in the people who live in the home. It then becomes necessary to contact a profesional service to perform a mold cleanup. As mold can pose a health hazard to the people exposed to them it is best to use a professional service. They will be able 3to clean the mold up in a safe manner and can deal with all secondary issues, such as detemining any permanent damage to the structure or funishings of the home and disposing of contaminated materials.


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