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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

The determination of the cost for a job, involves several factors. The biggest factors are how many technicians will be needed, how long the work will take, and how much biohazardous waste will be disposed of. Until we know exactly what is involved, we won’t know our costs. In some ways this is similar to an auto mechanic needing to see your car before telling you what is wrong and how much it costs. Or a home contractor needing to look at your house before determining how much it will cost to repair you roof. However it is often the case that our services will be covered under your homeownerʼs insurance policy.

Who Pays For This Service?

Almost all of our services are covered under the homeowner’s insurance policy. The family sometimes owes nothing. Our Claims Department can help establish an insurance claim. We work directly with insurance whenever possible, supplying the necessary documentation to speed up the process.

How fast can you respond to a request?

Our response time is usually two hours or less.

Are you certified?

All of the technicians are O.S.H.A. (Occupational Safety Health Administration) bloodborne- pathogen certified, bonded, and properly insured.

What areas do you work in?

Our services are available throughout the United States.

Do you perform other cleaning services?

Our service focuses solely on biological recovery. As such, our service is among the best in the field of biological waste removal and remediation.

Where does all the waste go?

Various licensed medical waste disposal companies across the nation are used to ensure compliance will all regulations regarding proper disposal.

Can’t I just have my employees clean up theblood?

(Federal Regulation 29CFR1910.1030) States: Your employees can only clean up blood, bodily fluids, biohazard, or infectious waste if: 1)They have been formally trained in blood borne pathogens 2) You have a written blood borne pathogens plan. 3) Have personal protective equipment available. 4) Have been offered hepatitis vacccine with a follow up visit. 5) Provide them with proper method to remove, store, and legally dispose of biohazardous waste. Only after these steps are met, can an employee clean a biohazard scene.


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