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Our award winning style of crime scene cleanup is what put us on the map. We are well reviewed by our peers and have received national recognition for our services. Accelerated BioScene Crime Scene Cleanup specializing in death cleanup are fully certified, highly trained and experienced with bio hazardous waste cleanup, known commonly as crime scene cleanup, helping grieving families and working with insurance companies as well as police in the area. As such we understand how trying it is on the family to deal with these types of situations and will respect your grief and privacy. Please let us assist you during this emotionally trying time. With strategically placed cleaners for death cleanup in communities around the country we can handle your crime scene cleanup at any time, day or night.

We can be reached by phone any time of the day or night with local responders right in your area, please call 1-888-477-0015, or log into our online crime scene cleanup chat interface. We do prefer that if you are dealing with a death cleanup or a blood cleanup that you please call 1.888.477.0015, instead of using the online chat.

Trauma Scene Cleanup

Trauma clean up is what the crime scene cleanup business was once referred to as. A trauma cleanup can be a accident, death or crime which pretty much summarizes the cleaning that specialize in and primarily deal with. As a leading agency for trauma cleanup we take our work very seriously. It is important to always be protected from any diseases that can be transmittable in a trauma or blood cleanup situation. When you hire professional people for a trauma cleanup you can expect very serious and experienced cleaning agents who will understand how to quickly and efficiently cleanup after a death, accident, or crime. In any crime scene cleanup or Trauma cleanup it is important to make sure the home is fully sanitized and decontaminated from any pathogens, bacteria, or viruses like HIV, HEPATITIS, MRSA, C-DIFF, H1N1, Bird Flu, Avian Flu, Pig Flu, and other hazardous and highly contagious sometimes deadly diseases. Let our experts explain the services involved in our 24 hour trauma clean up network and let our skills begin making your property safe again.

Crime Scene Cleanup

When a tragedy happens such as a major accident, unattended death, suicide, homicide, murder, or some other situation involving blood that will need cleaned up, it is companies in the crime scene cleanup business that actually handle this kind of hazardous work. When a death happens many states require you contact crime scene cleanup services in order to protect people form illness both from the house where the death happened and to protect the general population by making sure the blood and other hazardous material is safely transported and disposed of. A crime scene cleanup company can do all this and more for people dealing with these kinds of tragedy. Our trained and certified group of crime scene cleanup experts are always available 24 hours a day and service all 50 states. You can reach a local crime scene cleanup manager if available by clicking on the state below and then selecting the city that the crime scene cleanup will be completed in. Our Crime scene cleanup techs are the best in the business and they are always on standby ready to help people in need. If you have recently experienced a death please call the crime scene cleanup line at 1.888.477.0015. Many times a tragedy like a death cleanup will be covered by forms of property insurance. When this happens our staff will be more then happy to assist you in what needs to be done for this.

Death Cleanup

In the event a death clean up is necessary we offer 24 hour services. Some people do not understand the importance of a death cleanup service. When a suicide, homicide, or unattended death cleanup is needed it is because there will likely be a large pool of blood at the property, blood splatter, or some form of decomposed body tissue. Essential to everyone’s safety is final removal of all bio-hazard in a property. This can be unseen hazards too. When a person dies we are not always fully aware of their overall health. Some people may have contagious diseases, deadly viruses, or deadly strands of bacterial born in their blood the remains even after the blood is wiped up. Professionals in the death cleanup business know how to fully sanitize these surfaces. We also use special lighting in order to determine if the sub flooring of the property contains any blood antigens. The most important thing in our minds is to make sure that all remains and unseen pathogens are fully removed leaving the house safe for humans to live in once again. We take the opportunity to do our services for you involving a death or crime scene cleanup very seriously and hope we can be of great service to you in your time of need.

If you need crime scene clean up in your area call the cleanup line at 1.888.477.0015.

Suicide Cleanup

A suicide clean up must be approached based on the kind of suicide it was. In the case of a shot gun or hand gun there may be a large amount of brain or blood splatter that has to be identified and dealt with. Our crime scene cleanup teams are prepared for hardest scenes imaginable. With any self-inflicted death cleanup or as we know it as suicide cleanup there will be blood removal as well as a sanitizing of the property that has to be done. In the United States the suicide statistics are always on the increase and although this is a traumatic moment for the family, the biohazard should be cleaned as soon as you become aware of it. Our techs will work with you to get into the property and begin assisting as soon as you call. With any blood cleanup from a suicide we have protocols in place to help us get into properties using locksmiths if you need us too. Once in the property our teams analyze the trajectory of the bullet to determine where to find blood splatter. Special lighting instruments are also engages to make sure no spot of blood is missed. Our compassionate suicide cleanup teams are fully licensed and have many years experience backing every cleanup.

If you or someone you know could benefit from having a suicide clean up expert help them please call us at 1-888-477-0015.

Meth Lab Decontamination and Cleaning

Professional meth lab cleaning is not something many companies do any more. We provide top of the line services for home owners needing meth lab remediation and clean up done. You must understand that living or using a home that was once a meth lab, without proper cleanup done can be very hazardous as well as many legal issues surround this subject. This is a growing problem in the United States, but with our meth lab specialists at your side we can help with meth lab testing and meth lab decontamination in your state.

We are available everywhere in the U.S. and will only provide you access to licensed professionals who meet the state requirements of where the meth lab reside. Please contact the cleaning experts at 1.888.477.0015 for immediate answers to your questions.

NOTE: We do not ourselves complete meth lab remediation in Arizona, you will be placed in touch with one of our trusted partnersBlood Cleanup

You can imagine the types of accidents that require blood cleanup on some sort of professional scare. Technically there in no amount of blood to small that you should try to cleanup yourself. Blood is now a very serious transmitter of disease and bacteria, and many people in United State falls ill by taking the risks of handling blood without proper protection and understand of blood borne pathogens. For this reason people should always incorporate on call crime scene cleanup to be responsible for any blood cleanup in a risk safety manual at work or if you are a property owner dealing with a death. Crime scene cleanup businesses understand O.S.H.A safety rules and regulations for handling blood as well as how to dispose of the blood within the guidelines of groups like the EPA. If you want the best help you can get in dealing with and know how to cleanup blood, then contact our crime scene cleanup managers at 1.888.477.0015.

Tear Gas Cleanup

We provide specialize services and help for tear gas cleanup. We act as one of the nations larges resources for tear gas cleanup and have authority in cleaning principles that set our tear gas cleanup apart from other basic duct cleaning businesses. Our cleaning crews understand the harmful residue of tear gas and no where to look for this substance that seems to get into every crevice of your property. A lot of times we will see tear gas cleanup done the same day that you call, but depending on the number of canisters used by the police or federal agents, the tear gas cleanup can take several days to complete. Please speak to one of our crime scene cleanup experts for more advise and information on this subject.

Homicide Cleanup

Homicide statistics are on the rise, we do a lot of homicide cleanup across the country and understand these scenes well. With a homicide cleanup we not only have to deal with the blood cleanup of the scene, but as a crime scene cleanup company we also deal with the fingerprint dusting of the police investigators too. We honor your privacy always and never release any information to the press on any homicide cleanup we do.

Biohazard Cleanup

Our specialty of biohazard cleanup will deal with matters from suicide’s to homicide’s and even natural death cleanup when a body has released fluids. All work is certified and done by the most responsible biohazard cleanup people in the business.

>> Hazmat Cleanup <<

Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarding cleanup and hoarding assistance is something we get contact about a lot. Many people are very sensitive about discussing a hoarding cleanup but know that it is something that they have to do. The cost for hoarding cleanup is a common concern or question. To be able to give anyone even a reasonable estimate we will need you to be fairly specific about the conditions. We also should be clear, most professional hoarding cleanup businesses are not like the TV Shows about hoarders, professional hoarding clean up will typically not sort or organize. They will come into the property and remove any of the hazards that were caused by the hoarding. They can cleanup any junk, remove urine bottles, needles, boxes, and feces from the property. If you need this kind of hoarding cleanup then we are the right company to contact and we are more then happy to be of service to you. For nationwide hoarding clean up contact us at 1.888.477.0015

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